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This awesome cheat is a great way to save and earn more money!!! The more expensive the item, the more money Tom Nook will give you for the cloned one!! Well, here goes…..

Cheat: Item Cloning

Follow the steps below to clone any item in the game. Basically, anything you can drop on the ground can be cloned. This requires an online connection and access to a friend’s town, not to mention a tolerant friend!

1 // Go to a friend’s town and bring what you want to clone in your pockets.

2 // Drop what you want to clone, and then pick it back up.

3 // Have your friend save the session. Drop the same object once again.

4 // Go to the gate and ask to go home. When Copper (the dog on the right) says “Well then < your name here>, ” reset your Wii or press home and exit the game.

5 // When you restart your game, check your pockets — your cloned item(s) should be there AND on the ground in your friend’s town. Head to your friend’s town and collect the cloned goods — or leave them for your patient pal.


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